Site Investigation Services

Groundwater Sampling


AW Drew provides groundwater sampling services including low flow and 3-volume purge.

Laboratory Analytical Review


AW Drew will review the laboratory analytical results and compare the concentrations to current NJDEP soil remediation standards, groundwater quality standards and potable drinking water standards. 

Alternative Sampling


AW Drew is always looking into alternative  sampling approaches in order to meet the needs of the project in an efficient manner. 

Soil Classification


AW Drew uses the Unified Soil Classification System in order to determine the lithology of the subsurface media at each site. 



AW Drew routinely works with different remedial contractors throughout New Jersey in order to provide our clients the best costs for quality work. 

Site Investigation


AW Drew provides its clients and customers detailed explanations of site activities while the work is being performed, so that they are informed of site progress.